The 5 Best Gluten Free Brunches in London

The 5 Best Gluten Free Brunches in London

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a late morning brunch?

We know, we know…it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…we’ve gone and tested all of the most recommended brunches in London in order to put together the ultimate top 5. So here you are – and all but Brickwood Cafe (we’re working on it!) are listed on the Eat Safe App, so you can see exactly what you’re able to eat before you go.

  1. Most OriginalMOMMI, Clapham

If you haven’t heard of Mommi yet, you must be living under a rock…but you’re also in for a huge treat. 100% gluten free, their Peruvian/Japanese menu is served in a warm, art-deco style, colourful dining room by staff who have the friendliest vibes. They are our number 1 brunch as they really innovate with their menu…we went with friends and tried a bit of everything, but would particularly recommend the Baked Pachamama Ham & Eggs…and the Choc Chip Brownie for dessert was literally the best thing ever. Do it.

Baked Pachamama Ham & Eggs: Agave Roasted Thick Cut Ham & Soft Yolk Fried Eggs. On The Side: Grilled Chorizo & Manchego Cheese, Cassava “Tempura” & Aji Spiced Bean Hash, Chimichurri Finish
Choc Chip Brownie: Peruvian Chocolate Mousse, Salted Dulce De Leche & Puffed Peanut Quinoa

2.  Best Vegan/Vegetarian – Haunt, Stoke Newington, or Station 26Brixton

Station 26’s signature beans, avocado, courgette, red peppers and tomatoes on ciabatta toast.

We just couldn’t choose between these guys. If you’re a hardcore vegan and feeling naughty, Haunt has teamed up with vegan junk food gods, Biff’s Jack Shack – try the Pancake Stack, made with buckwheat and totally decadent. If you’re more of a healthy brunch kind of vegan, try Station 26 in Brixton – their menu is entirely gluten free and the vegan option is fresh and delicious.

Fat and fluffy buckwheat pancakes, topped with banana, toasted cashews, coconut yoghurt and maple syrup at Haunt

3. Best Down and Dirty – Brickwood Cafe, Tooting

Brickwood Cafes aren’t just in Tooting, they have 4 branches over South London. There are some fantastic options for vegetarians that can also be made vegan, such as the ‘Kumara’ – sweet potato & feta with poached egg, kale pesto & pumpkin seeds on toast, or ‘Native Mushrooms’ – pan fried mushrooms, spinach & pine nuts with poached egg & torn ricotta on toast. And about that toast… they have fantastic gluten free bread, sourced from Rana’s Bakery, for us gluten challenged folks.

For the meat eaters among us, go for the ‘The Butcher’, picture here below by Gluten Free Alice – poached or scrambled eggs, maple bacon, herbed sausage, roasted tomato, mushrooms & hash nuggets. Yup…HASH NUGGETS. Not for one who is watching their diet, but hey… it’s brunch.

4. Best Classic Brunch – Niche Gluten Free Dining, Angel

Niche is another entirely gluten free restaurant (could you tell by the name…?) that should simply appeal to everyone, gluten free or not, because of the high standard of the food. Like Nama, their clean interior is perfect for a brunch, and their reputation precedes itself amongst the gluten free community – and I personally can never resist a perfect Eggs Benedict. In case you hadn’t heard, they’ve also just developed a special low FODMAP menu too. These guys are ahead of the curve in every way.

Eggs Benedict: 2 poached eggs, smoked bacon, hollandaise on toast

5. Most Inclusive – Pure Nest Cafe, Muswell Hill

Gluten and diary free oatmeal porridge

Pure Nest Cafe is a hidden gem in North London, where the majority of the menu is free of all 14 allergens. Josie, the owner, is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and makes the delicious homemade food on the premises everyday. Their menu is small but perfectly formed…if you’re after something sweet for your brunch, try the Pumpkin Waffle – free of all 14 allergens, and vegan, and entirely delicious.

Pumpkin Waffle: served with fresh fruit, maple syrup and coconut cream

Just remember though – these are just our top 5 in the entirety of London – there are so many more fantastic brunches out there! Shoot us a message if you want some recommendations for your allergens near you, or tips for great vegan/veggie spots. And of course, if you download the Eat Safe app, you can explore these menus and more to find your perfect meal.

Now. We’re off to research the best free-from treats in London…sigh….

Happy Easter All!
Lots of love,

The Eat Safe Team


Things are changing…

Things are changing…

I remember when food festivals, though very tempting, could be a really difficult place if you have an intolerance or dietary restriction. All these gorgeous smells and tasters in one place…yet though the samples of hot sauce may not have gluten, what about the crisps used to dip into it? And we all remember signs like these…

I particularly like ‘and others’. Couldn’t be bothered to list all 14, huh??!

But now, businesses and food festivals alike are starting to realise the market they’re missing out on.

For the last year, we’ve only visited festivals and events that have a free from focus, such as the Free From Festival (we are so excited for that one in May!!!!). But when the Eat & Drink Festival rocked up at Olympia, just down the road from us, we had to go check it out and see if food festivals were starting to see the light…

Pleased to see that things are improving!! There are only three days left of the Eat & Drink Festival so if you want to go, don’t miss out. But not to worry – The Green Grill and the Louisiana Chilli Shack menus will soon be on the Eat Safe app so you can find them and try them out.

Let us know what you think if you do go!
Lots of love,

The Eat Safe Team


Other businesses featured:

*Just FYI, we aren’t sponsored or paid in any way for our reviews! Totally impartial and truthful.

Our Veganuary Supperclub – ‘Meat’, Greet & Eat!

Our Veganuary Supperclub – ‘Meat’, Greet & Eat!

We’ve been so busy with the imminent launch of the app that we almost forgot to share with you the amazing success of our most recent event!

Hosted by 90 Degree Melt, an AMAZING vegetarian american restaurant with a real ‘diner’ feel, the evening on the 25th January was filled with fun and laughter. An intimate venue, 90 Degree Melt set the tables into three long communities, so that people could really ‘meat’ and eat! Attendees also included fantastic vegan bloggers Luisa Christie and Jenna from Dirty Vegazine, who managed to take some fabulous photos despite the very red lighting!



And the ‘meat’…well! We started off with canapes of buffalo cauliflower and tomato soup with a delicious potato rosti, Before being treated to an incredible starter of ‘fish’ cakes, kimchi and salad….

Then, and a main course (not) to die for, with Sticky “Ribs”, Mushroom & Stuffing Wellington, Sweet Potato Spiced Wedges and Winter Salad!

And it was all topped off with a dessert that had our guests getting their cameras out and the lighting just right…Chocolate Mousse, Apple Pie and Ice Cream.

With the entire menu completely vegan and the option to have gluten free versions (which I did, and you honestly couldn’t tell the difference) the guests were completely stuffed and the feedback couldn’t have been better.

And for those that like their events with a little more food for thought, our chat with Dawn from PETA was truly illuminating and very funny. She admitted how she used to mis-pronounce vegan for years – and how, crazily, it was a PETA magazine that started off her vegan journey. Years later when she called up to report an issue with her magazine subscription, she heard ‘Press 3 to hear about job opportunities within PETA’ – and the rest is history.

So if you missed it – you did miss out – but don’t worry, our next event is just around the corner! Join us on the 8th of March for a unique Italian supper club that’s entirely gluten free, by Lowsteria and Leggero! Two fantastic courses and a glass of wine for just £20 – and your Eat Safe team will all be there with the latest version of the app.

Hopefully see you there!

Lots of Love,

Alex & The Eat Safe Team x

Our next one…

The Proof is in the Pudding!

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since we posted, because we’ve been so hard at work trying to get this app out to you as quickly as we can. And to show how close we are, we went to take it for a test drive this January. See how we got on with our Veganuary + soy free + gluten free quest in Central London….

And posting the video on Facebook has proved the pudding even more, with over 6000 views in just a few days and hundreds more subscribers to our waiting list. Have you joined up yet? Get your hands on Eat Safe before anyone else by referring just 2 friends, to go straight to the top of the list!

What are you waiting for? Time to start enjoying eating out again! 🙂

Lots of love,

The Eat Safe Team


A trip to Peru with MOMMI

A trip to Peru with MOMMI

A trip to Peru with MOMMI!

In a city where Peruvian food is cropping up all over the place (and rightly so, as it’s AMAZING) a restaurant has to set itself apart from the crowd somehow. And Mommi has done just that – having gone completely gluten free a few years ago, on our first naive visit (a birthday) we took in a birthday cake for our friend – whilst they were kind enough topresent it with candles, they wouldn’t allow us to eat it inside the restaurant due to cross contamination, which we actually thought was quite amazing of them. The birthday girl was also thrilled…she got to take home the whole thing and eat it herself!

Mommi also fuse Japanese cuisine with their Peruvian roots, leading to a varied and vibrant menu of hold and cold wonders. Every dish comes out like a colourful painting, perfectly cooked meats and gorgeous accompaniments…but if you’re a veggie, don’t worry – there are tons of vegetarian dishes that are just as outstanding. On our first visit, they couldn’t put a foot wrong – every dish was a hit. On our second visit, restricted a little more by dairy free and vegetarian requirements at the table (and of course using the Eat Safe app to choose our dishes) we did have to send back the aubergine dish for being undercooked. But they handled it well, and promptly brought out a replacement dish.

The service was friendly and familiar and the decor in Mommi is stylish and eclectic – they take presentation seriously, not only on the plate, but on the interiors, too. Our top tip: go on a Sunday night, where they offer 40% off your food bill! A steal, and with the money saved, get yourself a pisco sour or a Pachamama cocktail – delicious. Our favourite dishes are the Grilled Miso Salmon, the Nikkei Tempura Fish and Chips, and the House Ceviche! Go in a big group so you can try it all. And make sure you take some photos…. those pics will go far on Instagram. 😉

Find Mommi at !

4 tips on finding the best places to eat out with dietary requirements!

4 tips on finding the best places to eat out with dietary requirements!
Our guest blogger today is Lea Tierney! Lea from Can Eat Attitude was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in her early twenties and now specialises in Marketing and PR for brands who share her passions for food, holistic wellbeing, animals and the environment. She also commits her time to supporting those living with food allergies or other dietary adaptations, and has an amazing Happy, Healthy and Nourished Programme that helps people take a proactive and empowered approach to feeling at their best!

The prospect of eating out when you have specific dietary needs can be a bit of a minefield and may cause you to break out in a cold, anxiety ridden sweat. But you should know that you CAN relax, and enjoy a night off cooking with a wonderful meal out, you just need to be a little more organised than the average person.

Here’s a few tips for you to be able to relax and eat out joyfully:

1. Do your research in advance

This isn’t to say that you can no longer be spontaneous about eating out: that is still possible. But if you want to be really sure that you can eat out safely and enjoy your meal, it’s best to do a little bit of research before hand. In terms of research, our old pal Google is always a good place to start: simply typing in your dietary need and the area you want to eat in should give you some options to start with. Of course, when Eat Safe is available for wider launch in London, we won’t even have to go as far as Google to know how much choice we have at restaurants near us in the capital! Until then, most of the chain restaurants have become quite good at providing offerings for those with dietary requirements and a lot of their menus are available to view online. If you can’t get hold of a menu online or you want to clarify their kitchen processes, give them a call – it could save you a lot of hassle down the line!

2. Keep a list of go to grab and go places in mind

You’ve done your research in advance but somehow things with your intended restaurant don’t go to plan: they mess up your booking, are closed due to unforeseen circumstances or when you go in and see the place you get a ‘this place isn’t actually a safe place for me to eat’ vibe (FYI – ALWAYS trust that instinct). Don’t panic, thanks to that list (or the Eat Safe app) in your back pocket, you know the nearest place where you can at least grab some hummus and carrot sticks (substitute guac for the hummus in the case of sesame allergy, obviously).

3. Be strong on your needs with your friends & loved ones

One of the more uncomfortable elements of dining out with dietary requirements is worrying too much about how that will impact the experience the person you are eating with will have. Let’s be clear here, that person will have a much better time with you if you are relaxed and at ease about your meal. If friends are arranging a meal out, don’t be afraid to pipe up about your dietaries: it’s sometimes helpful (and necessary) to make suggestions of places that you know are safe for you if the venue hasn’t already been booked. If the venue has been pre-booked and you’re not sure whether they cater for you, give them a call and chat things through.

4. Get comfortable explaining your needs in restaurants

It’s annoying, but not everywhere trains all of their staff fully, and whilst in our minds it should be their responsibility to make sure we get a meal that’s safe for us to eat, the reality is that in order to enjoy your meal you need to take charge. Sometimes you’ll go somewhere and tell a waiter ‘I’m a Coeliac!’ and they will instantly tell you what’s safe for you to eat. Amazing – cue big sigh of relief. Other times you will have to remind each member of staff you interact with at every stage of your meal. And you’ll need to be strong about questioning if the meal you are given doesn’t look quite right: kitchens are busy places and you should never suffer in silence!

A delicious spread at Mommi, a fantastic restaurant that caters for allergies and vegan/vegetarian expertly.

Whatever you dietary needs, remember that you are not alone and that there are thousands of others out there who feel the same way: they may even be sat behind you at that restaurant ordering from the gluten free menu!

To hear more about Lea, do check out her site at

We’d love to hear from you about your eating out experiences – Eat Safe was designed by people with dietary requirements, FOR people with dietary requirements, so the more input we can get from you guys, the better. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for regular news and updates about the app and our upcoming release and events!

Lots of love,

The Eat Safe Team x


London Free From: Balancing Work, Life & Nutrition

London Free From: Balancing Work, Life & Nutrition
Huge thanks to our amazing photographer, Marian Chirianu from Studio 15, details below

Wow! Our second event was even bigger and better than our first, with tickets again selling out! We had a fantastic time on the 9th October this month and we wanted to tell you all about it – and also, for those that attended, we’ve also out together a summary of the questions and answers from our fantastic informative panel of nutritionists.

Balancing Work Life Nutrition

Entitled: BalancingWork, Life, and Nutrition,the event was designed to help those who had busy London schedules (don’t we all??!) to have a better idea of what to eat, and how to look after oneself – and give people an opportunity to ask all their health and nutrition questions to some experts. After a word from the Eat Safe team, we cracked on by introducing our expert panel!

The Eat Safe team

And what experts they were – Lara Jezeph ( is a nutritionist and health coach who focuses on the gut, Kate Whitelock ( is a nutritional therapist and focuses on stress management with her corporate clients, and Adam Stansbury ( is a personal trainer who, as a vegan himself, endorses plant based diets. After some fantastic free-from snacks andsome mid-week wine & beer, we settled down to ask these three some questions – their answers are summarised here.


Could you share some of your knowledge on improving the health of your gut – and how specifically someone on a busy schedule could make changes to their diet to help, whilst on time constraints? 

LARA: Preparing yourself for a busy week by prepping your food in big batches, such as on a Sunday. And also remember that gut health isn’t all about food – stress factors and sleep are a big part of it. Fermented foods are good but if the gut is REALLY inflamed, start small – a spoonful a day for example. And the best thing for rebuilding gut lining is bone broth – great from Waitrose or Tesco on a busy schedule! Full fat natural yoghurt too, if you can tolerate dairy.

There is a big relationship between stress, and the gut. What’s your advice about the best practices to relieve stress whilst dealing potentially with high-stress work and long hours?

KATE: Stress comes in many forms – emotional, chemical, nutritional. These stresses can cause leaky gut, which causes intolerances to get worse. One of the most stressful things you can put your body through is uneven blood sugar – the first thing to do is EAT BREAKFAST, full of protein. Make sure you eat protein with every meal, including snacks. Swap white for brown in terms of carbs, and be aware of hidden sugars, including natural sugars! Coffee is also terrible for your blood sugar. Avoid it on an empty stomach and limit yourself to one or two a day. 

What have been your honest experiences of changing from meat to plants, in terms of the effect on your body – and how do you get enough protein?
I lost weight in the first couple of months due to my body being used to animal proteins – but once my body adapted, my weight came back up, my strength came back up. And as for protein, unless you are incredibly active, you don’t need loads of protein – but I make sure I eat a nutrient dense, diverse diet – and also I use plant-based protein powders.

Where’s your best trusted, quick lunch/fast food places that won’t leave us feeling guilty?
LARA: Wholefoods has great choice – but my go to is always Pret. Amazing vegan foods with sauces on the side. Their salmon teriyaki pot

is great for the gut! Carrot and Veg Cleanse juices from Pret and Itsu

too are fab.

Most of us drink alcohol – what are realistic limits we can set ourselves, and are some alcohols better than others?
KATE: In the run-up to a heavy drinking period, take care of your liver with foods such as beetroot, cruciferous vegetables, lemon. Also, BLOOD SUGAR again. Less carby sugar options – wine/beer isn’t great. Distilled spirits are the way to go, with slim tonics. After a heavy night, have some warm water with lemon and turmeric – to flush out your liver.

What would be your advice to someone who wants to get together a training programme that they can stick to?
ADAM: Don’t set yourself up for failure! Better to start small and build it up slowly, this allows your body to adapt too. 2/3 sessions a week, if you can do more some weeks, great! You need to allow your body time to recover too as the muscle build actually happens in between workouts. If you can, train in the morning and get it out the way.

Q&A Question: I’ve heard intermittent fasting is the way to go – but to do that you have to skip breakfast, would you recommend that?

KATE: It depends what you’re trying to achieve and your own body and how you’ll cope with that. Some people enjoy it, others find it reallydifficult so I think you have to experiment for yourself.

LARA: It can be good to give your gut a rest, as there is longer in between meals – but possibly tricky to do this on a busy schedule.
Audience member: Intermittent fasting really worked for me. I built up to it gradually over 6 months, and my blood sugar has balanced out and I feel great. But cut down on the fruit!

KATE: Yes! One part fruit to seven part veggies. 

Q&A Question: If you have a stressful life which is leading to nutritional issues, what is the place to start with that?
KATE: Nutritional therapy will look at the underlying imbalances between things and look at the whole picture really. Whilst traditional medicine looks at the symptom, a nutritionist will look at the cause and how that relates to your whole system rather than bits at a time. Use BANT to find your nutritionist, as it’s an accredited body.

Q&A Question: What are your views on fats & vegetable fats?
I eat a lot of fats – seeds, nuts, avocados. 
KATE: Coconut oils or animal fats are best to cook with – seed and nut oils, don’t heat them. Also think 20-1 omega 3 to omega 6. Avocado, flax, olives.
LARA: Some of my clients respond really well to a high fat diet. There’s a lot of scaremongering around fats – but most fats are actually good, what we really should be avoiding is sugar.
ADAM:  Different people do differently on different diets – it’s all about experimenting on what works for you.

 Q&A Question: If you drink/eat the same thing every day, is it bad for you?
If you take it to the extreme, yes, but if you’re talking just one thing every day, it’s fine.

 Q&A Question: I tried the whole 30 diet last year – which was great, I felt amazing. But at the end of the thirty days, I’ve found myself intolerant to loads of things. How bad is it for the body to go to the extreme but then add stuff back in or have it once in a while?
ADAM: It’s probably the body’s reaction to things you really shouldn’t be eating anyway – your body has just become more sensitive to it now you’ve cut it out. As for going vegan, I would do so slowly – try a few days a week at first, to not shock your system. It’s about progress, not perfection.

 Q&A Question: How come intolerances and allergies come from nowhere, what causes them?
Lots of things can cause intolerances. It can be small things… like a period of bad sleep, hormones changes, changes in diet, changes in medication, courses of antibiotics.
KATE: And it may feel sudden…but it can be 10 years of small biochemical changes, which then you get a TRIGGER like Lara says – so it’s trying to figure out the underlying imbalances that have caused it.

Final question: What would be the one, most important piece of advice that you can give our guests tonight about their health and wellbeing?
LARA:  Listen to your OWN body. Don’t listen to the rest of the world – record things, and take note of your own symptoms.
Don’t keep the system running – you’ll hit a wall. And I would encourage mindfulness in any form – 5 minutes per day, perhaps of meditation.
Eat more plants!! No matter what diet you follow, everyone can benefit from eating more plants. AND – it’s a journey, not a destination. There’s always something to work on, and find pleasure in that journey.

Big thanks to Marian Chirianu from Studio 15 for the wonderful photos of the event! Go check them out!

Thanks for reading, and make sure you follow Eat Safe on Facebook to be the first to hear about our next fantastic event!

The Eat Safe Team x

It’s Recipe Time! Vegan ‘Butter’ Cookies

It’s Recipe Time! Vegan ‘Butter’ Cookies

These vegan cookies are the best! We use them at our stands as an allergy free, delicious snack to draw people in to see us – we’ve been asked how to buy them more times than we can count! Adapted from a Minimalist Baker recipe, we sometimes add dark chocolate as a decoration if we can find soya and dairy free chocolate.

120g coconut oil
100g unrefined cane sugar
55g unrefined brown sugar 
68g pumpkin puree 
1 tsp vanilla extract
259g Doves Gluten Free Self Raising Flour
1/2 tbsp cornflour
1 1/2 tsp gluten free baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1-2 tsps dairy-free milk (optional)


  1. In a large mixing bowl, cream together coconut oil, sugars, and pumpkin and vanilla.
  2.  In another bowl, mix the gluten-free flour, cornstarch, baking powder, and salt. Stir gently, then add to the wet ingredients in small increments while blending.
  3. If the dough is clumpy, add 1-2 tsp dairy-free milk and mix once more until a dough is formed. Only add enough dairy-free milk to form a dough!
  4. Then using your hands, gather some of the dough together, and shape into a long cylinder shape around 3cm in diameter. Carefully wrap the cylinder in clingfilm, and put into the freezer.
  5. Repeat for all the mix, and leave them to harden for about 15-20 minutes. Remove from the freezer, put onto a chopping board and peel off the clingfilm.
  6. Use a sharp knife to slice the cylinder to make cookies, about half a centimetre thick. Transfer to a baking sheet and bake for 8-9 minutes at 175 C, or until slightly risen and very, very lightly golden brown on the edges. Leave to cool for 10 minutes until they harden, then transfer to a cooling rack or plate!

Repeat, eat, and enjoy!

For more amazing recipes, check out the!

Top 10 Gut Healing Foods

Top 10 Gut Healing Foods

With the right diet, it can be possible to heal your gut to reduce the effects of intolerances. We asked Lara Jezeph, consultant on gut health, fitness and wellness to tell us about the foods you should be eating to reduce that gut inflammation and improve your digestion. She explains all below…

A wide variety of common health problems – from allergies, intolerances and digestive disorders, through to joint pain, acne and dry skin – are caused by inflammation in the body.

Now, what actually is inflammation?

We hear this word a lot and  always in a negative way, but inflammation is actually a vital part of the body’s immune response. It is the body’s attempt to heal itself after an injury; defend itself against viruses and bacteria and repair damaged tissue. Without inflammation, wounds wouldn’t heal and infections could become worse. However, inflammation can also cause a lot of health problems such as the list mentioned above.

The key to reducing such inflammation starts with your diet. Instead of grabbing those painkillers why not add a few of these fighting foods to help combat inflammation the natural way. Balance is the key to a healthy body free of inflammation.

These are my top 10 go-to gut healing foods that actually combat inflammation in the body…

  1. Omega-3 fat.Animal-based omega-3 fats found in fatty fish like wildAlaskan salmon and fish or krill oil help fight inflammation throughout your body, and are particularly important for brain health. Researchpublished in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology [1] in 2012 confirmed that dietary supplementation with krill oil effectively reduced inflammation and oxidative stress. Not a fish fan? Try a good quality Omega3/fish oil supplement on a daily basis and you can get vegan supplements too.
  1. Leafy Greens. Dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collard greens and Swiss chard contain powerful antioxidants and vitamin C, all of which help protect against cellular damage. Ideally, opt for organiclocally grown veggies that are in season, and consider eating a fair amount of them raw. If you want to know more about which foods are best to buy organic and which you can get away with, then click here.
  1. Blueberries. Blueberries rate very high in antioxidant capacitycompared to other fruits and vegetables. Plus,they are lower in sugar than many other fruits!
  2. Tea. I am in love with tea. My favourite healing teas, which are naturally caffeine, free and high in anti-oxidants are Roobios and green (help with weight management), nettle, dandelion and peppermint teas. These are all very soothing, aid in digestion (especially peppermint) and dandelion helps prevent water retention.


  1. Fermented Foods. Optimising your gut flora is important for a well-functioning immune system, and helps ward off chronic inflammation. Did you know that the majority of inflammatory diseases start in your gut because 70% of your entire immune system is located in the gut [3]? Fermented foods such as kefir, kimchee, miso, tempeh, pickles, olives, and other fermented vegetables, will help increase the variety of microbiome in your gut. Be careful not to have too much though, as it could cause the opposite effect.

Fermented foods can also help your body rid itself of harmful toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides found in tap water and fruit and vegetables if not organic or washed properly. These toxins promote inflammation.

  1. Bananas. I should be called Lara Banana because I have at least one of these nearly every day! Not only is it a filling snack but bananas are a prebiotic food – it feeds the bacteria in your gut to keep it thriving. Add some nut butter or brazil nuts to this for a tasty pre or post exercise snack. Oh yes, get in my belly!

6. Bone broth. Bone broths contain minerals in forms that your body can easily absorb, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and silicon. They contain chondroitin and glucosamine (the compounds sold as expensive supplements to reduce inflammation and joint pain) [4]. It can help repair a damaged and inflamed gut. If you are located in the UK there are some amazing broths in the supermarket if you don’t have time to make your own! Tesco’s and Waitrose offer two great versions that do not have added rubbish like yeast extract and wine. Go for the beef version if you can, as this tends to be the best for even the most sensitive gut.

  1. Gluten free oats. The best slow releasing carbohydrate that is filling, easy on digestion and really versatile offering so much variety into yourdiet. From adding fruits and nuts and heating through, to doing over night oats in the fridge with coconut milk and flaxseeds. I am in love with this one.

9. Cinnamon & Turmeric.These spices have been shown in various studies to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric, the ingredient that gives curry its yellow colour, works in the body by helping to turn off a protein that regulates the immune system and triggers the process of inflammation, researchers say. Cinnamon adds a slight sweetness to foods, aids in blood sugar levels and has also been shown to reduce inflammation.

  1. Coconut Oil/ Milk. Coconut oil is easy to digest, but also produces a longer sustained energy and increases your metabolism. It improves digestion by absorbing fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. Try taking coconut oil the same time as omega-3 fatty acids, it can make them twice as effective, as they are readily available to be digested and used by the body [5].

Coconut oil can also help improve gut imbalances such as Candida and IBS. The coconut is an all round amazing food type to add into your diet to improve overall health and wellbeing. You can also add this to your hair and skin for beautiful results.

Along with consuming these types of foods, you should also be removing the foods that actually increase inflammation in the body, like processed foods, sugar and alcohol. If you are interested in finding out more on inflammation, intolerances and ways to reduce and improve your digestive discomfort then do contact me at or!

If you enjoyed this post and have questions for Lara, check out our next Eat Safe event where she’ll be speaking on our expert panel on ‘Balancing Work, Life, and Nutrition. Tickets are limited, get in quick!

References: [1] Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 2012 Jan; 47(1):49-58, [2] Garlic – See more at: [3] [4] [5]


Our First Event – Introducing London Free From!

Our First Event – Introducing London Free From!

Well, it’s been a tiring but exhilarating week here at Eat Safe! This month we teamed up with our fellow Free From entrepreneur, Margarita from the Free From Festival, to put together a meet up & event team called London Free From. Our aim? To bring the supportive and collaborative nature of the tech startup world to the free from, vegan and health food industries! And we started off with an ambitious first event, a Meetup with Renée Elliott, the Founder of Planet Organic.

With over 70 tickets up for grabs, we never thought we’d sell out, but we did – much to our delight (and slight concern as the venue could only really hold 70!!) The registered guests included bloggers, restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, and representatives from Free From organisations and allergy charities.


The event kicked off with networking, drinks and far too much food! We had a brilliant turnout of about 50 amazing people, and we loved introducing ourselves and our new initiative, and showing some of our guests the newest prototype of the Eat Safe app.


We were also lucky enough to be sponsored for the event by some FABULOUS suppliers; Celia (gluten free lager), Foodease (low carb cookies, crackers & granola), The Red Beetle (Italian product importers), Troo Granola (GF, low sugar granola), Pep & Lekker (homemade sugar free soup), Donna Rita (gluten free cheese snacks), Vive (GF protein bars) and Ape Snacks (coconut snacks)!


Then came the talk from Renée. What can we say about that? I could go on forever. Anyone who joined us at the event will know how special her words were – a true inspiration, she had the room’s rapt attention & laughter. With an overview of her life and work building Planet Organic, we can definitely see why she now has launched a life and business skill academy (, check it out!) to pass on her wisdom on a daily basis.

After encouraging everyone to join our new Facebook group for the Free From Industry (get involved!) it was time for more networking and drinks, and getting to know our guests. We were delighted that most people stayed until kickout time and beyond – it was wonderful to see so many new faces, as well as familiar friends.


Overall, despite the hard work & last minute time frame, the event seemed to be a great success, and it was clear that our suspicions were correct about this sector – we need more networking and get-togethers! So please join us for our next one – date TBC, but early October is on the cards. Sign up to the Facebook group to get all the details!

Thanks for reading and lots of love,

The Eat Safe Team x